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Hand On Project

live project

Working on Current Live Projects to gain practical experience.
Accounting in Tally can only be learnt by practice. That is why our program has anonymized client data for you to get real life experience.

Expert Instructor

Class is taught by an Expert with 37+ Years of experience.
The faculty runs a successful Accounting, Compliance & Audit firm for more than 37+ Years which employees 30+ Accountants & Handles 100+ clients a year.


Lessons are taught in English, Kanglish or Tamil -English.
Accounting is 80% Math + 10% English + 10% Common Sense. To make you understand concepts, we do not mind teaching it in Local Language.
Online Learning


Class is held online along with a live instructor.
Learning has to be continuous. Rain, Sunshine, Pandemic or otherwise online classes will help you Upskill quickly and efficiently.

Interview ready

Mock interview rounds to make you Interview Ready.
Subject knowledge is as important as communication & presentation. Our module has these inbuilt for your success.

Online support

Six Months hand holding via Whats App.
Our success is in your success. That is why this program offers six months of whats app support to jump start your career in Accounting.

Akshay Reddy


Niveditha Rajasekhar

Mahesh Shanbag



1st 8 weeks

Module 1 – 16 Hrs

Manual Foundation Principles of accounts & Doubl-entry Bookkeeping.

Practical explanation of company, group, ledger, voucher creation, covering with and without inventory.

Practical data entry, covering quality aspects of manufacturing, trading and services.

1st 8 weeks

2nd 8 weeks

Module 2 – 16 Hrs

Data entry modules covered comprehensively, purchase, sale, receipts, payment, debit note, credit note and journal.

Generating reports & books of accounts.

2nd 8 weeks

3rd 8 weeks

Module 3 – 16 Hrs

Tests with Clarifications

Final assessment with Certificate

 Q&A session

3rd 8 weeks

frequently asked questions

Tally is an upskilling program aimed at final year B.Com students and fresh B.Com students looking to gain a foothold in a career in accounting

Final Year BCom Students, Fresh B.Com students, Failed BCom Students, CA Final Pursuits, any accountant who wants to refresh on Payroll, Taxes and statutory compliance, and MIS

Entrepreneurs can sponsor their existing accountants to learn complete Tally and upskill in MIS.

 Tally upskill program paves way for a brighter career. Tally is the most commonly used accounting software in India. By learning Tally you get a leg up at your first job as an accountant. Tally proficient candidates get better pay packages. Learning Tally now will give you an experience on what to expect at your first job.

The foundation of Accounting with Tally is your  B.Com accounting subject.  It is not just a data entry software but your whole accounting book.  When the goal is a career in Accounting, it is mandatory to learn a software for the same. Tally can be learnt with a little bit of patience and dedication. The world of accounting is now mainly software based and Tally has occupied prime position (more than 90%) with MSMEs and also a percentage of large corporates.

  • B.Com Freshers can command a salary of unto Rs *10,000/- per month  for the 1st year.
  • B. Com Fresher with Tally Upskill Certification can command a salary of upto Rs *15,000/- per month for the 1st year & quickly can move to Rs *25,000 - Rs 30,000 per month salary from the 2nd year.

* These are based on the hiring data from our parent company Total Strategic Solutions, Client Feedbacks & Market Research.

Our Tally Basic Upskills programs have helped Accountants increase their salary anywhere between 50% to 70%.  Keeping this in mind, how much would you be willing to invest in yourself ?

Before we dive deeper into the pricing, it is important that you like our teaching approach and quality. Sign up for a Free Demo Class. All pricing options will be explained there.

Our medium of instruction during the class will be English but we are more than happy to clarify doubts and re-explain concepts in Kannada, Telugu or Tamil.

Our Tally Courses are delivered Online. We will be streaming our classes with a stand by live instructor who will answer any doubts, re-explain concepts & hand hold you with work examples till you understand the concept during a dedicated section for the same. It comes with a practical test at frequent intervals aiming to apply the concepts explained.

Our Bestseller is the  Tally Upskill program.

Post this program we offer other courses which are practical and very advanced in nature:

1.   Grouping and creating ledger accounts to deliver MIS reports in Tally like: 

A.  Product-wise profitability. 

B.  Costing versus actual. 

C.  Area-wise profitability.

D.  Marketing person-wise profitability.

E.  Team-wise profitability and many more.


2.   Study of ratios and compiling project financial: 

A.  Understanding of various ratios. 

B.  Understanding the growth by ratio. 

C.  Understanding impact of ratio on loans and many more on ratios.


3. Advanced taxation and payroll compliance: 

A.  Complete guide on GST, maintaining in Tally, uploading through Tally, understanding various aspects of GST. 

B.  Complete guide on TDS, maintaining in Tally, uploading through Tally, understanding various aspects of TDS. 

C.  Payroll advanced maintenance in Tally, explaining the importance of salary structuring and impact on payroll statutory. 

D.  Complete guide on PF, maintaining in Tally, uploading through Tally, understanding various aspects of PF. 

E.  Complete guide on ESI, maintaining in Tally, uploading through Tally, understanding various aspects of ESI. 

F.  Complete guide on PT, maintaining in Tally, uploading through Tally, understanding various aspects of PT. 

G.  TDS computation on salary, an in-depth learning. 


If you are interested in the advance programs WhatsApp Us with your requirement. Our no is +91 9972039806.

All our courses are for a duration of 6 Months.

We will have weekend batches and weekday batches.

  • Weekend Batches are for a total of 16 Hrs - 8 Hrs / day on  Sat & Sunday .
  • Weekday Batches are for a total of 16 Hrs - 2 Hrs / day from Mon - Thurs .