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Today the world is ever more so flat. Global trade, politics & environments make for opportunities and threats. Thoman L Friedman, a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, talks all about it in his book “The Word is Flat”. Even after 20+ years this book is ever so relevant.

As a Businessman you need credible & quick information to act. You no longer are competing with 130 Crore Indians but with 780 Crore Citizens of the world.

At ManiTalks, we share our views, news, best practices & experience from the world of Startup, MSME & SME on Accounting, Compliance & Taxation. We break it down into stories and examples such that even a chai wala can understand.

Our goal is to educate you & help you save time and tax. We want you to concentrate on taking over the world without you having to worry about Accounting, Compliance & Taxation.

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Information to 21st Century Businessman is like Coco to the Aztecs. Over the past 25 + years, my team and I have helped save 80cr in GST, won favorable rulings for 90% of Compliance
cases & advised 2500+ clients on taxation.

We are sharing all our best practices so that a lot more of you warrior assessee can benefit. A learned Founder is a successful Businessman.

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