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Mahabharata is a great Itihas . Every story in it has pearls of wisdom . In the end, everyone involved is trying to achieve their “Happily Ever After”. Just like in the itihas , a great business warrior needs guidance from advisors. In this battle of Government vs Assessee let us be your Krishna and help you make the right decision. We would like to state Government is not a profitmaking agency and their retrospective and ambiguities in law can be approached by right decisions. Similarly, each business warrior should remember ignorance is not an excuse under law. At ManiTalks, we bridge this gap of ignorance.

Video on Top 3 Mistakes Small Business are making while filing their PF

Mistakes MSMEs Should Avoid while Filing Provident Fund Returns EPF has been issuing notices left right & center . Leveraging data from co departments such as ESI, INCOME TAX & PT they are finding creative ways to slap notices and fines. Ambiguity in law & various interpretations of the law has also led to many companies being fined.

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